Apostolic Foundation
Truths that shaped the ministry and direction of Gospel Outreach

The main purpose of man is to bring glory to, lift up, extol and magnify God in and through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. God's dealings with mankind throughout the ages have been with the intention of His making Himself known to us, sharing in our daily lives, renewing our minds and purifying our motives to the point "that we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ." (Ephesians 1:12). His design is that we, his sons and daughters, might live in such a way as to "glorify God" and inspire those around us to do likewise. His desire is that all men might be drawn to Himself and so receive eternal life rather than perishing in darkness and sinfulness.

To achieve this purpose, our vision focuses on three main areas:

1. To become more like Jesus through personal discipleship. This includes building a vital relationship with the Lord through prayer and worship, through study of the scriptures, and a wholesome relationship to a part of His church. "For who he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren." (Romans 8:29).

2. To preach the Gospel throughout the earth by whatever means that lie within our reach, including personal outreach in our workplace and communities, following God's call into other nations as missionaries, and investing of our time and material resources in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. "Go you therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the Ages. Amen." (Mathew 28:19-20).

3. To promote unity among the Body of Christ, recognizing that He has placed each believer in the body with great diversity of abilities, gifts, strengths and weaknesses, and perspectives and understandings of the scriptures themselves. The context of our relationship with other Christians should be one of "endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body, and one Spirit, even as you are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all." (Ephesians 4:3-6). "That they all may be one; as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that you have sent me." (John 17:21).

****** Important Disclaimer ******

The following pages at [ www.jim-durkin.tlchrist.info ] comprise a "subsite" of our overall ministry - "Total Love In Christ Ministry" - at [ www.tlchrist.info ].

They are in NO way related to the former nor to the present "Gospel Outreach Ministries", nor to "Radiance Media Ministry".

They are in NO way affiliated, endorsed, sponsored nor supported by them. Gospel Outreach, either in part or in whole, does not necessarily share or endorse ANY of the doctrines and/or teachings of the parent site (TLC). "Apostolic Foundation, Truths that shaped the ministry and direction of Gospel Outreach" was written by Dave Sczepanski, as most of the books were authored by Jim Durkin. That, however, DOES NOT imply that either of them was or is in ANY way affiliated or associated with this ministry.

These pages are offered SOLELY as a memorial and a dedication to the work that God accomplished through the outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon the ministry of Gospel Outreach, upon the person of Jim Durkin and upon those who submitted themselves to discipleship under him. Through his three-fold message of (God's) Purpose - Vision - Discipleship, lost youth were transformed into "MIGHTY Men (and women) of God"

I am the Founder and Director of TLC, and was privileged to be a part of a number of Gospel Outreach churches during the 1970's and 80's, including the main center at Eureka, CA. I was at the Lighthouse Ranch, lived at the H Street house and worked at Radiance Media. I knew Jim Durkin personally.

It is MY conviction, and that of TLC as a whole, that the giftings and message of Apostleship, leadership and discipleship -- and of God's "Purpose and Vision" -- are AT LEAST as relevant and as much needed by the Church today (if not more so) than they were during the days of Jim's earthly life!!!

Jim Durkin, GO's
Founder - Click [ Here ]

Click [ Here ] to view a video, "The Life of Jim and Dacie Durkin". It was produced for "Decades Revisited", and aired on July 8, 1994.

The name "Gospel Outreach" reflects the words of Jesus, He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel (good news) to the whole creation (every creature)."

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Gospel Outreach was part of the "Jesus Movement" in northern California during the 1970's. Jim Durkin - pastor of Deliverance Temple in Eureka, CA - opened his church doors to the hippies that came to this area. Many, living at the Lighthouse Ranch on Table Bluff outside of Eureka, learned about what it means to be a follower of Jesus -- a DISCIPLE. During this time, churches were planted across the US and in other countries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jim Durkin preached a pivotal message, "God's Purpose and Vision for Your Life". Jim also emphasized repentance, as in the need for a follower of Christ to experience a "turning away" from past wrongful behaviors (sins). This concept was readily understood by these young people who had recently identified themselves as "hippies". Jim practiced what he preached, as he himself was a compassionate, humble, encouraging and caring individual who emphasized the importance of considering the needs of others first, and the personal growth of each individual.

__ Preface: "...... But We Know !!"

1. Introduction: Distinctives Are Important

2. What is "Apostolic Foundation" ?

  • Practice the Word: Believing is Not Enough
  • Discipleship: Obedience and Accountability
  • Equipping the Saints: Building on the Foundation
3. Purpose and Vision: "What Should I Do With My Life?"
  • Discipleship: Deciding What to Do With My Life
  • Covenant: How I Relate to My Brothers and Sisters
  • Spiritual Authority: Principles That Produce God's Order
4. Spiritual Identity: What Do I Believe About Myself?
  • Training Your Soul: Bring Your Untrained Soul in Line
  • Believe, Confess and Act: What To Do With God's Word

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15. Emil Swift was ordained in 1982 by Jim Durkin as a "Five-Fold Teacher in the Body of Christ", and then sent to pastor Christian Life Fellowship, in Willow Creek, CA. His WEB Site is [ Here ]

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The other day, a member of the former Gospel Outreach made this response regarding one of Jim's PARTICULARLY unpopular teachings:

"The 'pain' is not my own, but for those who suffered and for what Gospel Outreach COULD have been if not for the constant drumbeat of We have Jesus .... and discipleship ..... and the fivefold office ..... and covenant relationship .... and etc., etc., ETC. ALWAYS something that made us out to be different and separate from other Christians !!"

Now this seems (to ME at least) to be a rather irrational complaint, for it is a complaint against God for equipping Jim to be gifted as the minister that HE was and GO to be the type of ministry that IT was. If ALL that this individual was reviling in GO had been removed, it would NOT have been Gospel Outreach. The items that are mentioned are what made GO to be GO !!

It would seem that this individual would have been right at home in ancient Israel when they told the prophet Samuel: "Now appoint over us a king to lead us, just like all the other nations have." ** 1Sam 8:5 He would say rather, "We would have a board of Deacons to lead us so that it is THEY who can appoint for us a pastor who will do and say as WE want and NOT listen to God's voice" !!

THIS comment, along with the rest of the tone and tenor of the topic that was being discussed, reinforced in my mind the belief that we STILL need the basic revelation and concept that God revealed to Jim in HIS time of trouble and despair as much or MORE today. Satan has CONTINUED to infiltrate God's Church with his lies, delusions and deceptions of dilution, rationalization and compromise -- and there seem to be very few voices with the revelation, clarity and courage that God gave to Jim speaking against them !!

This revelation was, in Jim's OWN words:

Then God spoke to me. He said, "Behind everything in My Word you have added three words of your own: 'But we know' ." I immediately saw how I had so often added these words to the Word of God. "Here's what the Bible says," I would preach or counsel. Then I would add my little modifications: "But we know that..." Or, I would say, "I believe something a little different..." What God said to me was, "Henceforth, I want you to do My Word, even if you don't understand it. Do it -- and in the doing of it you will come to understand what it means."

I believe that Jim's heart and vision was that we are to cleanse our hearts and lives FULLY of the religious trappings and snares of this "world system", and prepare and make room in them for God to instead FULLY fill them with His TRUE "riches and treasures"

I don't believe (having known Jim, his work and his teachings) that it was EVER his intent to DEPRIVE anyone of any GOOD thing or to take away anything of REAL value.

As Jim expressed on the tape in question, his PARTICULAR cleansing that he allowed to take place in his OWN life cost him AND his family a GREAT deal. However, I believe that God MORE than rewarded him (AND GO) for his willingness and obedience !!

I believe that it made room for the tremendous infilling of gifts and graces that allowed him, those who allowed themselves to be discipled by him and GO to effect (in its day) the tremendous and far-reaching work that God accomplished.

When God commanded Abraham to take Isaac up on Mt. Moriah and SACRIFICE him there, do you think that perhaps God had in mind some kind of "spiritual" sacrifice ?? NO !! -- I think that He meant, to Abraham's understanding, to go and LITERALLY kill him - with a LITERAL knife - LITERALLY dead!

WHY -- because God wanted a blood sacrifice ? Of course not !! Maybe He wanted to see what Abraham would do - I don't think so - I think that He already knew. Perhaps His intent was so that Abraham HIMSELF could see what he would do -- YES, I think so !!

If Abraham had reasoned as Jim spoke about he himself doing in his early years -- "We KNOW what God's Word says, but we also know that it can't REALLY mean that. There must be some 'spiritual' interpretation" -- Abraham would have probably found a way to avoid God's clear word and do what HE wanted to do.

Maybe he would have reasoned, "God can't REALLY mean for me to literally kill my one, my ONLY son. I have loved him so much - he is "flesh-of-my-flesh" - my ONLY true heir- we have had such happy times together. What about Sarah - how will we go on without him - and what about the great ministry that God promised me through him ?? God must mean for me to sacrifice him 'spiritually' - to give him fully over into God's service. That way, one day I might have many children and grandchildren, and His word to me to be 'a father of many nations' will be fulfilled."

However, Abraham mustered up the faith and courage to be obedient to God's voice, and we all know the outcome. What we DON'T know (fortunately) is what the outcome would have been had he refused LITERAL obedience and instead turned to some carnal rationalization as too many are prone to do today when God asks of them some seemingly "hard" thing !!

Do you think that it was mere coincidence (or that GO was somehow comprised of SPECIAL, super-Christians) that a collection of ragtag, hippie dropouts were able to be used so mightily to expand His Kingdom ?? NO, it was because, in the beginning, we came to God with that RADICAL, sold out heart (like Keith Green had and sings of) that unabashedly cried out to Him, "ALL for you God" and TRULY meant it !!!!

I guess that God CONTINUES to ask the same question today -- "What price are you and I WILLING to pay to receive that which He wishes to pour out upon those who are open and ready" ??

"I now regard all things as liabilities compared to the far greater value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things – indeed, I regard them as dung! – that I may gain Christ, and be found in him, not because I have my own righteousness derived from the law, but because I have the righteousness that comes by way of Christ's faithfulness ...... My aim is to know him, to experience the power of his resurrection ......" **** Philippians 3:8-10

Salvation is a free gift, but as Jesus Himself, Paul and the other of Jesus' disciples learned, proclaiming the "Good New" is expensive business, and the price is paid in the lives of of those who TRULY say, "Not MY Will Lord, but YOURS Be Done" !!!

1. Introduction: Distinctives Are Important

Distinctives have to do with the way we, as a family of churches, approach God's Word and how we apply that Word to our lives and ministry. This then defines us and determines the direction and shape of our work. Another term for distinctives: core values. 1 Cor 14:8; 2 Cor 13:5

Some of the words and phrases used to communicate our core values: Practice the Word; Discipleship; Equipping the Saints; Purpose and Vision; Covenant; Spiritual Authority; Spiritual Identity; Training Your Soul; Believe, Confess and Act.

Some of what our distinctives have produced or are capable of producing:

  •  Men of covenant.
  •  Constancy, steadiness, stability.
  •  An emphasis on character.
  •  Men who walk in submission to authority.
  •  A non-professional view of ministry.
  •  Concern for the greater body.
  •  An unwillingness to say "We've gone far enough."
  •  Willingness to be conformed to Christ.
  •  Vision for the work of God in a broad base of people.

2. What is "Apostolic Foundation" ?

Jesus is the foundation. 1 Cor 3:10; Mt 16:18 Jesus is the foundation when His word is obeyed and practiced. Mt 7:24 Believing is not enough.

Some important premises:

  1.  The promises of the Bible, of an abundant, victorious, overcoming life are meant for every believer.
  2.  These promises are fulfilled only as we live God's way, that is, we obey and practice the Word.
  3.  Practicing the Word, or applying God's truth to every area of life, is a living relationship with Jesus and a deep trust in God.

The concept of "practice the Word" builds in us a deep knowledge of our personal responsibility in life and confronts the destructive and all-too-common tendency to blame-shift.

Out of "practice the Word" came an introduction to discipleship. Lk 6:40; 14:26,27,33 Some of the implications of discipleship: Jesus as Lord, not just Savior. Putting God's will first. Obedience to God's Word. Accountability. Jesus is the Master. We are all His disciples. There is no hierarchy. We are all brothers. Mt 23:8

The foundation of Jesus Christ -- and His Word obeyed -- is laid by the apostolic-prophetic ministry. This introduced the concept of the equipping ministries and the equipping mandate. Just being good and going to church was not enough. The believer must be a vital, living and giving member of the body of Christ. This means becoming equipped. Eph 2:20; Eph 4:12

Some implications, on the individual level, of equipping:

  1.  Everyone is called to minister, versus a few trained professionals.
  2.  Each believer discovers his gifts and uses them, versus mere attendance
  3. and entertainment.
  4.  The goal is saints who bring the kingdom of God into every sphere of ife, versus a spiritual-secular dichotomy, and only serving God within church activities.
  5.  The body builds itself up in love, versus the clergy, church staff and a gifted few meeting the needs of the body.
  6.  Quality, committed relationships, versus shallow social relationships.
  7.  Results of equipping: see "Indicators of an equipped Christian."
Some implications, for the church, of equipping:
  1.  We raise up ministers. We do not "hire talent" -- all the gifts resided within our reach.
  2.  A multiplicity of gifts is needed, because no two equipping ministers are alike, and each has a distinct contribution.
  3.  We must regularly call upon outside ministry, because there is only one body meant to be interdependent, and no one local church, even if it had each of the five gifts, is complete.
  4.  The apostolic ministries, being representative of the ministry of Jesus, implies teamwork in ministry. No one equipping minister is complete.

3. Purpose and Vision: "What Should I Do With My Life?"

"Practice the Word" naturally leads to "purpose and vision" because it causes us to say not only: "How am I to handle each and every situation in life God's way?" but: "What am I to do with my whole life?"

What is purpose and vision?

Purpose is simply the conclusion that we exist to glorify God, to exalt Jesus in this life, and to enjoy His presence forever. Rom 15:6; 11:36; Ps 145:11,12; 105:1; 113:3,4; 1 Cor 6:20; 10:31; Phil 3:12; 1 Thess 4:1; 2 Thess 1:12; Col 1:17,18; 3:17;

This purpose finds immediate direction in what we call God's vision, which has three primary aspects:

  1. Be conformed to Christ. Rom 8:29; Phil 3:10; Gal 2:20; Col 3:1-3
  2. Maintain the unity of the body of Christ. Jn 17:21; Eccl 4:9,12; Rom 12:5; Eph 4:1-4; Jn 13;34,35; Rom 12:10; Gal 6:2
  3. Preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations. Mt 28:19,20; Acts 1:8; Rom 10:14,15; Mt 10:8

Out of purpose and vision comes:

  1. A deeper understanding of discipleship
  2. An emphasis on covenant
  3. An understanding of spiritual authority.


Living to accomplish what God wants. Purpose and vision gives a framework within which to make decisions about the direction of our lives. Discipleship implies wholeheartedness and dedication. Purpose and vision directs the dedication.


The basic concept flowed from the second aspect of the vision, the unity of the body of Christ. God is a covenant-making, covenant-keeping God. Made in His image, we are designed to be a covenant-making, covenant-keeping people, and thus glorify His name. 1 Cor 12-14; Eph 4:1-6; Eph 4:25-5:2; 5:21; Col 3:12-14

Spiritual Authority:

Acts 14:23; 15; 16:4,5; 20:25-31; 1 Cor 16:16; 1 Ti 5:17; Tit 1:5-9; Heb 13:7,17; 1 Pe 5:1 The New Testament model for church government and authority incluses an eldership, with a presiding elder, governing the local church. Apostolic authority oversees the eldership of the churches. We also recognize that within a sphere of ministry (2 Cor 10:13) there is one apostle in general oversight, with apostolic authority delegated as needed. Equipping ministers operate under apostolic direction to equip the saints in all the churches. Eph 4:1-16

Our understanding of spiritual authority yielded some important principles:

  • The strength of authority is in serving. 1 Pe 5:1-5; Mt 20:25-27
  • Submission to authority is always to God.
  • In counsel we may disagree. In final decision and direction we agree.
  • Your authority is always upheld to the extent that you uphold the authority of the one God has placed over you.
  • The more you use your authority, the less of it you will have.

4. Spiritual Identity: What Do I Believe About Myself?

Purpose and vision provokes a crisis. It challenges personal priorities by bringing them into a bigger framework than just: "What fulfills me personally?" It causes us to give our gifts to God's work. Ultimately, it causes us to "go" and do something, thus exposing us to the unknown and the risk of failure. This forces upon us the question: "Who am I?" This, I would say, is the single greatest battleground of ministry: spiritual identity.

We believe that God's gifts and grace are in every saint. This yielded our understanding of "dreams and visions". Whatever apparent problems, failures, sin, weakness or lack, God, through your obedience to His Word, is able to transform you into a mighty man of God. Equipping is designed to bring out in each saint the fullest understanding of their identity in Christ."

The teaching of identity in Christ brought out the importance of the principles of faith or what we often called "believe, confess and act".

Believe: Implies knowing God's Word and being saturated with it. Also, meditating on the Word. Josh 1:6-9; Ps 1; 119; Mk 11:24; Phil 4:8

Confess: Don't speak your fears and your feelings. Speak the Word. This led to "Training Your Soul", with the basic concept that I am spirit, with a soul and body; that I can speak to my soul, train it and expect it to comply. Ps 118:24; Pr 15:28; 16:23; 18:21; Mt 10:32; Rom 4:17; 10:10

Act: Faith requires action. Step out in faith. Do the Word. Show your faith by your deeds. Mt 7:21-27; Jas 2:17


Each of these teachings had a strong emphasis among us, and helped to shape the core values that are now embedded in the "culture" of Gospel Outreach. It is critical to our future, if we are to fulfill the work for which God has designed us, that we understand, strengthen and pass on to faithful men these distinctives. Ps 78:1-7; 2 Tim 2:2

"The Purpose and Vision of God"

Jim Durkin preached to crowds of thousands and taught for many years with great passion regarding the fullness of revelation for the church on several key issues. There were tapes and books and newspaper articles that laid it out in detail. Young wanderers and sojourners from the hippie communes and college campuses were now hearing about the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE. They were not only being taught, they were being EQUIPPED. It was all there in black and white, in God's Word, but never had it become so dramatically clear and dynamic: You and I must line up our purpose with GOD'S PURPOSE and to see truth the way GOD envisions truth. To do HIS will! To submit to HIS way! To live and walk with Him in His victorious God-ordained plan!

Many powerful teachings were expounded on, throughout cities and congregations coast to coast, and out under night skies and jam-packed living-rooms and auditoriums. THE BOLD CONFESSION .... TRAINING YOUR SOUL ... and the profound insights into the full implementation of what EPHESIANS 4:11,12 are all about. This message speaks about DISCIPLESHIP -- Not the authoritarian, elitist, cultist dogmas of the 60s, but the glorious end-time manifestation of living as victorious and totally devoted, effective men and women of faith in service to the Lord ... as active Christians, evangelists, and missionaries. A family and a church with an agenda. A holy purpose.. . "The PURPOSE and VISION of GOD" ! These teachings were so refreshing, so liberating, and so beloved that they can never fade from the hearts of a whole generation. Surely they are still being taught locally and also far away from where they were birthed at the Lighthouse Ranch and Deliverance Temple in Eureka, CA. The foundational truths of Gospel Outreach move on with not only the remembrances of how a great teacher and father in the faith impacted untold thousands, but also with illumination to nations needing the Light of Jesus, and revelation, and deliverance, and needing to be EQUIPPED to minister boldly! Click to read "The Bold Confession" - by Jim Durkin

Hear the fervent spiritual challenges that set a generation ablaze! Youth who were lost in delusion, drugs and rebellion became devoted Christians, evangelists and missionaries across the nation and into distant countries. The messages of the early the 70s, preached by Jim Durkin and so many others, are as relevant TODAY as in those prayerful and zealous nights and days when hearts were afire for God's holy will at all costs!

A Note: I myself was raised and baptized at under the mentorship of Jim Durkin. There I learned about God's , and what it means to be a wholehearted follower, a DISCIPLE, of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, GO does NOT embrace the truth of "Christian Universal Reconciliation". However, given the choice between sitting smugly on our hands -- content in the knowledge that "We are saved" -- or EXERCISING the Love and Service to God exhibited by GO -- I believe the latter is FAR preferable !!

A Note From Pat Caspary, a missionary in Thailand, who distributed this message: This message was originally a tape produced by Christian Equippers Int'l in South Lake Tahoe, CA. D. Hulett, L. Speckert and F. Anfuso put together some messages by apostolic evangelist-pastor Jim Durkin, and added a few words by Em Baxter, plus music by F. Anfuso and B. Libby. It was entitled "EXPLOITS", and it STILL stirs me to tears and a stronger desire to press in to God, even though I hear it while on a jungle highway headed for remote, muddy, bamboo tribal villages in Thailand or Burma to preach the Gospel! My life was changed by the hand of God and the impact of mentors in the faith who insisted we MUST GO as Jesus commanded us to, and bring His Light to a dark and lost world!

While preparing to send this out, I took several days to read the reflections of SO MANY who were taught, built up, equipped and sent out by the apostolic Evangelist-Pastor, JIM DURKIN. Such numerous, moving, poignant, memorable times spent in Ministry Houses, Ranches, Festivals, Teams to other cities or other countries, and the bonding of lifelong friends as well as marriages that took place!!! Now there are grown children of those homes that are involved in Missions. Tens of thousands have been impacted! The world is more populated and more LOST and UNREACHED than one cares to admit. Those who have surely picked up the cross of Christ and denied themselves to spend their all for the Gospel in the dark inner city or the remotest jungles are not at all a huge number. Listen now again to the call - the cry - and recommit to carry the torch on into the next generation!

People are writing in from all over, wanting to again HEAR THIS CALL, THIS MESSAGE -- which helped to draw, direct and drive them on into 30-35-40 years of Christian LIFE or dedication to full-time Gospel ministry. Several fervent Evangelists and Pastors are where they are today because of that moment when THEY knew they must GO INTO ALL THE WORLD! They are STILL in full-time Ministry because of the influence of these messages!

I know that all of us are loved of God, and that He is not calling us to religious works and duties, and in fact reprimands Martha for being so busy instead of spending needed time at the Lord's feet. Yet, behold the condition of the traditional, lethargic, denominational church-in-the-box which hasn't been at the prayer-altar - has no power - wears no armor - is not surrendering all to His will and His Lordship - Budget spent on comforts and fancies - Evangelism and Missions seem extinct!! I'd like to challenge you today: Sure, you and I are just dirt. We can do nothing except by His strength. The Missionary could not go if there were not those who stayed and sent what is needed. Other than these considerations, however, WHO will set the trumpet to your mouth? Who will carry His sword and be dedicated to reach the lost tribes? Thank God for messages and messengers that raise high this torch!

This message is a collection of excerpts from a number of Jim's "Discipleship Teachings". Heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who taught any of us to follow the Lord. Also to those brethren who originally put together the "Exploits" tape, plus a major salute also to those laborers who obeyed the call, and are leading others to "Go Into All The World" and surrender all to the Lordship of Jesus and the preaching of His Word with all their hearts!

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